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Local Government

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​Core Business Australia’s breadth of expertise and experience enables our company to offer a range of services across key local government areas. These Service areas and activities include:

Asset Management 
  • Asset Management Plans 
  • Asset Management Policies and Strategies 
  • Renewal Modelling 
  • Capital Evaluation and Works Program 
  • Building Condition Assessments 
  • Nationwide Asset Management programs for State Local Government Associations 
  • Capacity Building and Continuous Improvement Programs 
  • Mentoring and Training for Councillors and staff in Asset and Services Management 
Financial Management 
  • Long Term Financial Planning 
  • Strategic Resource Plans
  • Budget, Annual Report and Financial Benchmarking development
  • Capital Works Programs 
  • Local Government Sustainability Program
Community Development 
  • Project and Contract Management / Administration 
  • Establishing and servicing Community Action Groups and Strategic Plans 
  • Development Grant Applications 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Delegations and Authorisations
  • Councillor and Management Training and Induction 
  • Procurement, Policy of Process and Registers 
  • Risk Management 
  • Councillor Compliance, Registers, Codes of Conduct 
  • Councillor Mentoring 
  • Council Plan facilitation 
  • Corporate and I.T. Strategies
Environmental Management 
  • Sustainable Community Plans and Greenhouse Action Plans 
  • National Resource Management 
  • Environmental Project Management 
  • Waste Management Business Plans 
  • Waste Management Contracts
Organisational Development and Human Resource Services 
  • Organisation Performance Reviews 
  • Organisational and Departmental Structure Development 
  • Functional Span Mapping 
  • Continuous Improvement Programs 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Council Plan facilitation 
  • Industrial Relations 
  • Workplace Audits and Contractor Reviews 
  • OH&S and Risk Management
Community Consultation 
  • Service Reviews 
  • Special Charge Schemes 
  • Recreation Planning 
  • Budget / Strategic Resource Plans / Council Plan
Contract and Project Management 
  • Contract Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Procurement Policy and Procedures
  • Compliance and Risk Management Systems
Emergency Management 
  • Disaster Recovery Plans, Business Continuity Plans and Audit 
  • Flood Management Warning Systems 
  • Municipal Emergency Management Plans 
  • Bushfire Response and Recovery
Service Planning 
  • Levels of Service Framework 
  • Levels of Service 
  • Service Plans
Placements and Recruitment Services 
  • Professional Senior Management Placements 
  • Permanent Senior Management Recruitment 
  • CEO Performance Reviews 
  • Senior Management Mentoring