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Private Sector Business.



Core Business Australia consultancy services provide a high quality and tailored approach to meet your needs. We work in partnership with you to focus on your specific request or to determine and strengthen the areas of your business where you need support.

Our associates are highly qualified experts who have demonstrated, effective experience working with Private Sector Business. The consultancy is delivered in the most flexible way to ensure maximum value for money- at your workplace or your designated venue, during the day or weekends.

Core Business Australia provides consultancy services targeted for private sector businesses in the following areas: 

Financial Management 
  • Long Term Financial Planning 
  • Strategic Resource Plans
  • Budget, Annual Report and Financial Benchmarking development
  • Capital Works Programs 
Corporate Governance 
  • Management Training and Induction 
  • Procurement, Policy of Process and Registers 
  • Risk Management 
  • Corporate and I.T. Strategies
Environmental Management 
  • Sustainable Community Plans and Greenhouse Action Plans 
  • National Resource Management 
  • Environmental Project Management 
Organisational Development and Human Resource Services 
  • Organisation Performance Reviews 
  • Organisational and Departmental Structure Development 
  • Functional Span Mapping 
  • Continuous Improvement Programs 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Industrial Relations 
  • Workplace Audits and Contractor Reviews 
  • ​OH&S and Risk Management
Contract and Project Management 
  • Contract Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Procurement Policy and Procedures
  • Compliance and Risk Management Systems
Service Planning 
  • Levels of Service Framework 
  • Levels of Service 
  • Service Plans
Placements and Recruitment Services 
  • Professional Senior Management Placements 
  • Permanent Senior Management Recruitment 
  • CEO Performance Reviews 
  • Senior Management Mentoring