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Serving Local Government

Everything we do is aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the communities within which we work. 

We do this through our multi disciplined teams of highly experienced people supported by simple but rigorous systems and processes.
We solve complex and diverse problems for our clients through proven Asset Management Strategies, Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, Long Term Financial Planning, Prosperity Planning, Placements and Training.

Core Business Australia’s experience and the ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders, allows us to:

  • Best understand our client’s vision
  • Be conversant with Local Government as a sector with innovative practices and contemporary programs to serve the sector
  • Add value to our client’s projects and programs
  • Independently advise and provide a new perspective on issues
  • Enhance and develop Council’s relationship with the Community
  • Effectively facilitate acceptance of strategic outcomes through all staff, Council and CommunityWA - NSW - QLD - NT Footer (2).jpg