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We provide services to local governments, state agencies, not-for-profits and the private sector across Australia.


We are here to help you resource and deliver your project, whether it's simple, complex, big or small.


If you need a project delivered, a position filled either temporary or permanent, or you are seeking assistance with the current WHS Legislation, contact us for a confidential chat.

1800 001 776

Local Government Professionals
WHS Monitor Software
WALGA Preferred Supplier
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WHS Monitor - A Compliance Software Solution

The Western Australian State Government passed into law the new Work, Health & Safety Act 2020 and the Work Health & Safety (General) Regulations 2022. Now is the time to take action and ensure your business is compliant with your WHS Obligations.


Talk to one of our WHS experts to discuss how we can assist your business though the use of a software solution to meet your WHS compliance needs. 

1800 001 776

WHS Monitor will store your data securely in Arventa's Australian, government-certified data centre.

Are you Compliant with Work, Health & Safety?

One key aspect of the new WHS legislation is the ability to prove that your workplace is doing what you say you do and will stand up to an external audit - Core Business Australia helps you do exactly that.  To discover where you sit in regards to WHS legislation, Standards and contemporary WHS practice, book a WHS Gap Assessment with one of our WHS Support Officers. 

Glass Buildings

Sponsor of Core Stadium, Yalgoo

Core Stadium is a multi purpose sports facility that Core Business Australia helped the Shire of Yalgoo to deliver. We were so impressed with the outcome that we offered to sponsor the facility by purchasing naming rights, an offer that was gratuitously accepted by the Shire of Yalgoo 

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