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Asset Management

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Residential Buildings 

  • Heritage Buildings 

  • Roads and Pavements

  • Asset Management Planning 

  • Condition Assessments

  • Forward Works Planning 

  • Scenario Development 

  • Levels of Service 

  • Risk Reviews

  • Risk Management Techniques 

  • Budget Gap Analyses 

  • Asset Management Training Workshops

Asset Management Capability Statement

Organisational Development

  • Organisation Performance Reviews

  • Organisational and Departmental Structure Development 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Council Plan Facilitation 

  • Workforce Succession Planning 

  • Workplace Audits and Contractor Reviews

  • Recruitment and Replacement

  • Workplace Training

  • Remuneration Surveys

  • Salary Packaging and Benchmarking

  • Strategic Resource Plans

  • OH&S and Risk Management


Organisational Development Capability Statement

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Key Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Community Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Capability Statement

Project Management

  • Contract Management

  • Project Management 

  • Procurement Polciy and Procedures

  • Compliance and Risk Management Systems

  • Project Supervision 

  • Damage Assessments

  • Cost Estimatoion of Damage

  • Project Planning Reviewal and Analysis

  • Engage Contractors

  • Project Administration

  • Tender Documentation and Preparation 

  • Calling and Assessing Tenders

Project Management Capability Statement

Community Consultation

  • Service Reviews

  • Special Charge Schemes 

  • Recreation Planning 

  • Budget Plans

  • Strategic Resource Plans

  • Council Plans


Community Consultation Capability Statement

Strategic Resource Management

We provide specialist professional placements to help deliver your project or temporarily fill key positions in your organisations or we can help you find a permanent solution.


SRM Capability Statement