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Glass Buildings

Our Services

Asset & Infrastructure  Management

Our skilled team in asset and infrastructure management are available to assist your organisation. Our expert skills can assist you in:

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Residential Buildings 

  • Heritage Buildings 

  • Roads and Pavements

  • Asset Management Planning 

  • Condition Assessments

  • Forward Works Planning 

  • Scenario Development 

  • Levels of Service 

  • Risk Reviews

  • Risk Management Techniques 

  • Budget Gap Analyses 

  • Asset Management Training Workshops

Business Advisory

Our business advisors take a holistic approach to addressing and supporting the needs of your business, identifying weaknesses to improve upon and strengths to capitalise upon. Our team deliver ways to simplify and standardise activities so you can do better with less, including:

  • Data and Systems Analysis

  • Identification of Key Issues

  • Consultation

  • Budgeting

  • Evaluation and Reporting

Strategic Resource Management

We provide specialist professional placements to help deliver your project or temporarily fill key positions in your organisations or we can help you find a permanent solution.  Our SRM team offers:

  • Staff and Skills Assessments

  • Employment Suitability Assessments

  • Employee Recruitment and Placement

Community Consultation

Community consultation assists to inform the development and improvements of a project, service or initiative. Our team is available to undertake:

  • Service Reviews

  • Special Charge Schemes 

  • Recreation Planning 

  • Budget Plans

  • Strategic Resource Plans

  • Council Plans

Our Work Health and Safety (WHS) Advisors assist in ensuring the health and safety of working conditions in the workplace are maintained.  Some of our services include:

  • Gap Analysis

  • Policy and Procedure Review

  • WHS Improvement Plans

  • Worker Training

  • Worker and Contractor Inductions

  • Hazard and Incident Reporting & Investigation

  • Asset and Chemical Registers

  • Worker Communication and Consultation

We also offer WHS Monitor as a software solution to assist your business in remaining compliant with WHS obligations. Contact us to discuss this powerful compliance tool.

Project Management

From project idea to project completion, our team are experts in all aspects of project management. Our team provides skills in:

  • Contract Management

  • Project Management 

  • Compliance and Risk Management Systems

  • Project Supervision 

  • Damage Assessments

  • Cost Estimation of Damage

  • Project Planning Reviewal and Analysis

  • Engage Contractors

  • Project Administration

Procurement (Tendering)

Procurement is a vital skill in business purchasing decisions and our team of procurement experts are here to assist your business in the process of securing goods and services from external sources. We assist in:

  • Procurement Policy and Procedures

  • Procurement Plans

  • Tender Documentation and Preparation

  • Tender Evaluation and Reporting

Organisational Development

The implementation of processes and systems to affect change in your organisation is available through our skilled organisational development team. We are available to assist with:

  • Organisation Performance Reviews

  • Organisational and Departmental Structure Development 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Council Plan Facilitation 

  • Workforce Succession Planning 

  • Workplace Audits and Contractor Reviews

  • Recruitment and Replacement

  • Workplace Training

  • Remuneration Surveys

  • Salary Packaging and Benchmarking

  • Strategic Resource Plans

  • WHS and Risk Management

Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineers provide professional services in the design, construction and maintenance of public works. This work may include:

  • Roads

  • Flood Recovery

  • Construction

  • Structural Building Assessments

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are those impacted by a decision or those with the ability to influence decision implementation and they require information and consultation. Throughout the stakeholder engagement processes we are available to engage with key and community stakeholders through:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans

  • Stakeholder Identification and Mapping

  • Stakeholder Feedback Tracking

Contact Us

To discuss our services call or email:

1800 001 776  or

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