Our Belief

Everything we do is backed by a strong desire to improve the quality of life for people living in the communities for which we work.  We do this by building multi-disciplined teams of highly capable and experienced people who have a passion for community service.  We support our people with simple yet rigorous systems and processes to help them solve often complex and diverse problems for our clients.

Our Approach 

Our approach to every project is very simple; we take responsibility for its success through sound management processes and principles, a robust and transparent methodology, and the provision of the right people with the requisite skills and capabilities.

We believe in partnering with our client on projects.  We place great emphasis on establishing close working relationships with clients so that our mutual familiarity will assist in achieving the best outcomes for our clients.


Project Capabilities

CORE prides itself on its ability to succinctly scope and detail projects in a project proposal that delivers the outcomes a client is seeking.  Because of CORE’s extensive local government experience, our team has intimate knowledge of the needs of local government, what is trying to be achieved and the environment in which local government is working.  This results in the development of high value briefs. 

Because we know local government so well, we do not need to build-in elements of redundancy that consultants with less familiarity of local government need to do in order to minimise their risk.  The result is a very cost-effective methodology for local government to deliver specialist tasks or fill voids in available resources.

Workshop Facilitation

CORE have road tested workshops over the past 10 years and have refined and perfected the processes of these workshops. CORE facilitator staff travel extensively to attend Annual Congress Events and consistently keep updated with the latest technology and information within the sector that we then pass onto our clients. We also partner with many professional local government organisations to present workshops that have the most updated information and systems for the attendees. 

Our workshops are engaging, professional, proactive and strategic and they ensure attendees leave with a clear and comprehensive action plan moving forward.